What is the COV19 trying to teach you?

Whether you are aware or not, covid19 is teaching us all a unique, individual lesson. If you look deep… There’s a major life lesson in all of this, one that could transform your life forever.  

It could be your finances, your relationships, the things you used to tolerate, your health, time with family…  

  • Maybe its teaching you that you never spent enough time with your family.  And this downtime has allowed you to do that.
  • Maybe its showing you that you never took care of your health and now you see yourself walking and running around your neighborhood.
  • Maybe its showing you that the cars, the watches, shoes, bags, or the things that we use to see as a sign of success based on what society tell us… means nothing right now.  There’s no value to them.
  • Maybe its showing you now that you need to change and better prepare for the next pandemic.  

I don’t know what the lesson is for you but looking back in the past or wishing you could’ve done something different or wishing you could’ve known or beating yourself up for it brings you no value.  

What does matter most right now, is that we understand that this could happen again in our lifetime.  

But if we take care of our mind, our body, and our soul, we’re going to live a long time through these pandemics.

And the only thing we can do now is prepare and take these lessons and prepare for the future.

Though it is devastating, COVID19 is giving us an opportunity to press the reset button and start over or recreate our life.  Whether you take advantage of this moment or not is up to you.

I love you!  Stay Healthy!