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best realtors in las vegas
best realtors in las vegas
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Congratulations to Roland and Avy on the successful purchase of their brand new home over at KB Homes.

They were able to secure a beautiful huge lot and has chosen one of the best plans in the community in my opinion.  The home is 2000 plus square feet, open concept living, 5 purposed bedrooms, and much more!

I’ve known Avy and Roland since they moved in Las Vegas back in 2016 and I believe that’s when we started the home buying process.  With the big move, there were changes and unexpected events so we had to keep pushing the purchase many times.  Eventually we found the right time for them and gladly it was the right market.  We pulled the trigger and 5 months later, a beautiful homes was built for them.

My goal is to always provide an experience for all of my clients.  I want to make sure each client receives a tailored representation based on their needs.

Whether you are looking to buy now or sometime in the future, I’m here to help guide you get closer to home ownership. 

Contact me today and give me a shot!

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