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Chris Quiazon is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Las Vegas Realtor and Property Investor.  He is the leading member and owner of The Quiazon Real Estate Group, a Las Vegas based real estate team who’s mission is to help individuals and families buy, sell, and invest in real estate.

Our mission is to create an unforgettable experience for homeowners and homebuyers. We do this by giving each of our clients a tailored action plan based on their needs and wants… We bring solutions, options, advices, and high level representation to all of our clients to make sure they get the best and personal representation from our team.

Bold Offers is an investment company that is owned and led by Chris.  Bold Offer’s mission is to buy houses directly from the homeowner bypassing the traditional sale.  We provide many selling options based on the homeowners situation.  We buy houses for cash in all 48 states.

As a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Chris and his team tends to bring more solutions and opportunities to the table than your regular agent.  Having someone who is versatile and is experienced in all kinds of negotiations and transactions is such a key asset in anyones team.



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Benefits of Working With Our Team

What makes me different from other real estate agents is the amount of solutions I can provide to my clients.  Whatever the situation is, together we will find the best possible way to achieve your goals of selling or buying a home.  Not only am I a Realtor, I am also an investor/developer.  The solutions I am able to provide are endless.  

If you’re Thinking of Selling a Home, below are solutions I have provided in the past:

  • List at 1.5% – It allows sellers to keep more of their money or keep more of their equity.
  • Easy Exit Listing – I don’t tie my clients or anybody in a contract.  My team and I are very confident in what we do and we’ll guarantee your home will sell.
  • 45 Day Home Sold Guarantee – On average, it takes us 45 days to get a home sold.
  • Marketing Exposure – We use the power of social media and the internet to expose your home to all potential buyers. 96% of home buyers start their search online and we have a very unique way in exposing your home to all buyers.
  • Full Service Listing – All of our listings get represented at the highest level.  We don’t take any short cuts and everything is done by a professional.
  • Cash Offer – We buy houses for cash. Receive a cash offer from us and see if this solution might be better.  As a full disclosure, I do buy for profit.  In this situation, you do not have to do any repairs, I buy as is condition, no appraisals, no commissions, I pay all of closing fees, and you chose the closing date.  

If you are Thinking of Buying a House in Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas:

  • Receive a Rebate – When you work with me and my team, when we closed, we will hand you your keys as well as money back.  This is our gift to you as a new homeowner.
  • First Time Home Buyer – Nevada has a program that specifically help first time home buyers with their downpayment.  It is a down payment assistant program that is available to anyone buying a house for the first time.
  • Experience – We have the proven track record!  With our experience, we can get you the best deal in price, terms, and conditions.  You can feel confident that my team and I will work very hard for you to get you your dream home.


Our Mission Is Your Success

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